Seven years ago I was introduced to Caroline.  She is an amazing hair colorist and is equally great with haircuts. After seeing Caroline, I strut out of the salon and usually receive compliments from strangers about my hair.

When planning my wedding, Caroline was one of my first calls I made to make sure she was free. She did my hair and my bridal party's hair and it came out GORGEOUS.  Now some of my bridal party are her clients too.  It is rare to find someone who does an equally amazing job with blondes and brunettes but Caroline has mastered both looks.



Caroline has been cutting my hair for years, and she did my hair for my wedding! Most recently, I decided to go for a shorter cut than I've had in a long time--Caroline took 6 inches off and I could not be happier. Plus, she recommended that I start using a curling iron with the new cut, and it's working out great! And, of course, she's a delight to be with. Highly recommended!



Go see CAROLINE. She knows hair texture, shape of face, the whole shebang. Speaking of bangs, Caroline will give you great advice about that 'haircut you maybe saw on a celebrity and want to try it yourself' and help you come up with a plan that leaves you super happy. I asked her to chop all of my hair off a few years back (super long hair into a pixie cut) and she asked really good questions and helped me look through a few different photos to make sure we were on the same page. She'll always do a good job, but she really wants YOU to be happy with the ultimate outcome, and for her, that means talking it through. My friends keep asking when I'm going to get that cut again, it's their fave. 

Also, Caroline is really funny and pleasant to talk to so the time goes by quickly. Also, her hair is always just going to be better than yours, you're going to have to get over it.



I was never loyal to a salon or stylist until I met Caroline and she changed my life! I never knew how good a haircut could be. Not only that, but I trusted Caroline to color my hair for the first time in my life and (not surprisingly) it came out even better than I hoped for. When I moved to LA Caroline was the thing I missed most about New York and I still wait to get my haircut until I'm back in NYC and can see my hair guru. You will not go wrong with Caroline, I just wish she'd move to LA!*

*Editor's note: Hi it's me, Caroline, and obviously I'm in LA now and poor Annie O. moved back to NYC. Really that's on her because I visited LA when she lived here and that was the first time I thought oh this is a great idea I see why people do this.



Caroline is a superstar! She delivers beautiful, natural color every time. And her cuts are amazing. She was even able to fix a total screw up when I thought I could buy a box of color at the pharmacy and do it myself (I could not!). She is smart, talented, interesting and fun to talk to and she truly cares about her clients. She's a real find.



For the last seven years, I have exclusively been going to Caroline to get my hair cut and colored. She is the best colorist I have ever had - fast, precise, up to trends and interprets my poor description of what I think I want into beautiful results. Her eye for color is unlike anything I have experienced before and she will make sure you look and feel incredible. She is also amazing at cutting hair and always guides me to a style that will look great after I wash it and have to do it myself at home. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone and you are lucky if you end up in her chair!!



I've been going to Caroline for about 7 years. (I had never stuck with a stylist before her.) I usually go for haircuts, but she's done color for me as well. She did color & highlights for my wedding and it was gorgeous! The haircuts are gorgeous too. I'm always changing my cut - long, short, layers, bob, weave, recovering from a weave, corrective color etc. Caroline is a great collaborator. I give her my thoughts, and she uses her expertise to make it work with my type of hair. I've never been disappointed. Also- she's really funny, and clever and interesting to be around. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!



Imagine Mungo Jerry and Shirley Chisholm had a son. My hair would be their insanely, obscenely curly spawn. Fortunately, I found Caroline. She is highly skilled at taming, styling and re-imaging my stubborn mop. She always knows the best options and products to recommend and creatively thinks about the best ways to deal with my hair for different occasions (my wedding, for example). She is totally terrific-- I trust her completely and won't go anywhere else for a haircut again.



Not only a great stylist, a color genius and overall hair artist, C is also a great listener and thoughtful commentator.  She comes to the chair as a listener and is attuned to your desires for your hair (this is a good thing since it's her job); however, C's listening skills extend to her ability to hold your romantic difficulties, political conundrums and personal celebrations and/or strifes.  She offers thoughtful advice or comments if warranted or solicited; otherwise, she attentively listens while she creates magic with your hairs.

No one else has touched my hair in at least eight years.  She's the kind of stylist that I can trust with my hair and my heart.